Party Rules

1. There shall be no stealing from other party members. While the characters are evil in the sense that they completely defy good, these characters must adhere to camaraderie amongst friends. This means that once an item is in someone’s possession, it is no longer fair game. If there is a horde of treasure that one member of the party has found, they may be allowed to secretly grab a few gold or gem pieces off of the top. This does not permit the person to take magic items for him or herself.

2. All treasure will be divided equally. This means even for those who may not be able to make it. If real life becomes a problem and they can’t make the game, there should be no punishment in game on top. However, please have a valid reason, not just the “I didn’t feel like it,” excuse.

3. There is no killing or attacking of party members. If there is a dispute it should be brought before the other party members to resolve.

4. Do not separate. We are wanted criminals. This means that we have bounties on our heads. We stand a greater chance surviving if we go in pairs minimum.

5. Do feel free to cause mayhem as long as it does not jeopardize the party. There is a time and a place for everything. Killing a civilian in the king’s presence is not one of those times. Be wise about what you do.

6. Do involve the party. While it may be fun to have a secret adventure in the night, it may be even more fun to have one or two other party member’s tag along. Remember the buddy system is in effect at all times.

7. Do try to save a party member if he or she is captured. You would want this done for you. However, do know a lost cause when you see one. Sometimes it is best to return for a jailbreak.

More to be added.

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Party Rules

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